I’m an Engineer – Ingenious funded zones 2016/17 report

This Ingenious Grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering enabled us to connect 2,810 students from 78 schools with 33 engineers between June 2016 and March 2017.

Of students who logged in, 87% actively engaged with the event through CHAT, VOTE and ASK where they posted more than 2,600 questions.

Schools identified as likely to be under-served by engineering outreach (widening participation schools) made up 34% of those involved, exceeding our objectives for this group.

“It was very open and candid, the students weren’t shy at all like they typically might be in a classroom with an engineer standing in front of them personally.” – Engineer

“[I have learnt] That even girls can be engineers if they want to and you can do anything that you want in engineering as there is so many possibilities.” – Student

“The students found talking to real people very engaging. They weren’t shy and surprised me with the depth of questioning they went into. It was very exciting for them and they learnt a lot. (So did I!)” – Teacher

Feedback and survey responses from students shows that they learnt more about the types of tasks that engineers do, the type of skills required to be an engineer, the type of people who work as engineers, the type of projects that engineers work on and the role of engineers in society. Read the full report

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