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Detection Zone Report – June 2013

deletion coveThe Detection Zone was quiet to start off with but quickly picked up as the week went on – it was quite busy during the second week. The live chats were fun and the students seemed to learn lots.

In the live chats, students asked lots of questions about careers – what the engineers’ jobs are like, where they work, who they work with and how they got to where they are now etc. Another popular topic was women in engineering and encouraging more girls to get into the field – ‘do you think there should be more women in engineering?’ ‘what is the most popular type of engineering for women?’. The engineers were often asked to explain their work and the equipment they use; designs and inventions were two more popular topics.

You can download the full zone report here (PDF).

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Environment Zone Report – March 2013

environment coverThe Environment Zone had a good number of live chats throughout the two weeks. There was a steady flow of questions submitted in the first week but very few during the second week. The engineers all engaged well with the students.

Lots of questions in the live chats were very focussed on careers and the specific work and projects of the individual engineers, in particular Tish’s work using natural and recycled materials, Nicola’s work on geothermal heat, and Ed’s work on helicopters. There were also lots of career questions aimed at Keith. The Olympics was a popular topic, with the students having read that Nicola had been a volunteer, but even sports and Olympics questions often related to engineering and sustainability. Ed’s mention of 3D printing also sparked a lot of interest and many related questions. There was quite a lot of talk about eco-friendly buildings and sustainability too.

You can download the full zone report here (PDF).

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