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Space Zone Report – November 2016

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The Space Zone was a themed zone funded by the UK Space Agency with six engineers all working with satellites. Will, the winner of this zone, builds satellites that monitor natural and man-made disasters, Silvia studies the ocean using pictures taken by satellites and Kieran, who started his career as an apprentice, is now the Chief Development Officer for the Satellite Application Catapult. Katie monitors and controls satellites in orbit around earth, Isaac designs and builds satellites and Betty is a rocket engineer who uses satellites to help bring the internet to everyone.

This was the busiest of all the I’m an Engineer zones for this event with over 2,300 questions asked by students, 697 of which were approved. Almost 60% of these were asked by one school, Lathom Junior School. All the engineers answered many questions in ASK, and Will, Katie and Silvia were most active within the live chats.

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