Funding Support


I’m an Engineer was originally funded through and Ingenious Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. We are applying to a number of organisations for further funding. However to keep the event going we will need to gain additional funding from industry and academia.

Feedback from engineers spoke about how much they got from participating:

“Explaining engineering to the teenage laity brings out knowledge I never knew I had!” Andy Hearn, Thales

“It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done with schoolkids” Jed Ramsay, Environment Agency

Students told us how it inspired their interest in engineering:

”I loved being able to ask questions and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in ‘I’m a engineer’. I would have loved to ask questions to engineers in other zones though as I read a few profiles and some of them had very interesting jobs that I would have loved to have learnt more about” – Student, March 2012

“i loved this event as now im more aware of what engineers do …..i now want to be an engineer when i grow up” – Student, March 2012

Your funding will allow us to create extra zones specific to your area of engineering. It will allow more engineers from your company or sector to benefit and to open the eyes of more students to what you do.


What does a funding partner get?

  • Guaranteed space for nominated engineer
  • Acknowledgement and link on Partners page
  • Listed as the funder on zone home page
  • Bespoke evaluation report on general event, zone and engineer
  • Sponsorship credit in press releases and communication to teachers and engineers
  • Page within zone to provide copy, images and links


What does it cost?

Zones can be sponsored from £5,000

All costs exclude VAT.

For more information please email Shane McCracken on or call 01225 326892.