“I’ve been genuinely inspired” – March 2019 winners’ blog posts

After every event we ask the winning engineers to write a short post to be sent to all the students who took part in the zone. It’s the perfect way for the engineers to reflect on the previous two weeks, thank all the students for voting for them, and talk about how they plan to use their £500 prize money.

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Leah Morgan, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Energy Zone

I have had an amazing time taking part in I’m an Engineer and have been genuinely inspired, by both the students and my fellow engineers. I can’t wait to get back to work and to take part in JET’s biggest experimental campaign yet!


Brian Weaver, University of Nottingham, Space Zone

Students, I really enjoyed your enthusiasm in our live chat sessions! Your questions helped me find new ways to explain my work and taught me something new when I had to search for answers. Your creativity and interest in “why” things work will help you succeed in your education and future careers.


Shruti Turner, Imperial College London, Milligram Zone

I’ve been asked about everything from living on Mars, to what my favourite cheese is and why I prefer the Harry Potter books to the films! There have been so many things that have made me step back and think about things I haven’t thought about before and I am very grateful for the opportunities you gave me.

If you’re up for the challenge, want to answer some downright weird questions, even learn things from students…

Apply to take part ❯

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