“Such a remarkable experience” – November 2018 winners’ blog posts

After every event we ask the winning engineers to write a short post to be sent to all the students who took part in the zone. It’s the perfect way for the engineers to reflect on the previous two weeks, thank all the students for voting for them, and talk about how they plan to use their £500 prize money.

If you’re an engineer keen to experience the ‘best crash course in scicomm’, apply now for the next event, taking place 4th – 15th March 2019, at imanengineer.org.uk/engineer-apply


K-Jo O’Flynn, Oxford Space Systems, Space Zone

I’m an Engineer is really such a remarkable experience as it provides so many opportunities for students and helps motivate people in so many ways! Everyone gets to meet and learn different characters and personalities through the people they meet through it and it helps show the endless opportunities that people can choose in engineering! It shows that engineering of any sort is not an impossible goal but one you have to work for and be passionate towards! For me, I struggled with science and now I have ended up as a space engineer! Nothing is impossible!


Henry Watts, Product Manager, Millisecond Zone

I’m glad so many of you are curious about a career in engineering because that’s the first requirement – stay curious about the world around you and keep asking “why?” and “how?”. I’m thrilled to have won the Millisecond Zone and I have already engaged with a local school to see how I can for some engineering into their curriculum this winter, robo-santa perhaps?


If you’re up for the challenge, want to answer some downright weird questions, even learn things from students…

Apply to take part ❯

Apply now for I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here. It only takes 2 minutes and one sentence to apply!

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