Mole Zone Report – November 2017

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The Mole Zone was a general engineering Zone supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, with six people working in different areas of engineering. Matt is a Process Safety Engineer assessing high hazard facilities, Lauren, the winner of this Zone, designs steam and water storage vessels installed in venues such as Wembley Stadium and Josh is a student in product design engineering. Jo works for Air Products separating air into different elements and then selling these onto customers as a gas or liquid, Diana is a telecoms engineer for satellite operator Avanti Communications and Carson is a student working with robots to help create scenes for virtual reality.

As this was a general engineering Zone conversations were varied, and all the engineers were good at answering questions about their own work areas as well as about engineering in general. The majority of questions from students in Ask were about careers and education and there was a lot of interest in how to become an engineer, and what it’s like to work as one on a day to day basis.

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