Health Zone Report – November 2017

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The Health Zone was a themed Zone supported by Wellcome. Valerie is a PhD student in biomechanics studying the onset and development of colorectal cancer, Steve is a mechanical engineer who has developed technology for artificial limbs and Sean, the winner of this Zone, is a PhD student working on a device to help people with spinal cord injuries to control their bladders. Kath is working on a coating for implants that will kill bacteria when put into a patient’s body, Carmel is researching new ways to detect brain activity without damaging the brain and Alex is working to better understand how crystals can be used within medicine.

This was the busiest Zone in November’s I’m an Engineer event with the highest number of students logging in and number of questions in Ask. All the engineers took an active role across the two weeks of the event and were great at engaging with students. The winner of the Zone, Sean, is a wheelchair user and was asked by students about how this affects his work as an engineer. All the engineers were very positive about their roles and good at encouraging students to take an interest in engineering and benefitted from taking part in the event as engineers, as noted in this Ask question about how the Live Chats have helped them develop their work.

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