Artificial Intelligence Zone Report – November 2017

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The Artificial Intelligence Zone was a themed Zone supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Rumman advises companies on ethical AI practices for Accenture, Pooja is a software engineer at Airbus Research currently developing a new search engine and Petros, the winner in this Zone, is developing software to help doctors and administrators in the NHS improve how they work together. Peppe is a PhD student working on software that instructs industrial machines to separate foods, Greg is a research associate programming robots that will help elderly people get dressed and Fran is a Product Analyst for a company building a chat bot for financial companies.

There were some really interesting conversations in this Zone about the capabilities of artificial intelligence and how it might develop in the future. The variety of engineers meant that students got an insight into many different applications of AI. The majority of questions in the Ask section were about careers, education, and getting to know the engineers on a personal level, bonding over things like pets and holidays.

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