Candela Zone Report – June 2017

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The Candela Zone was a general engineering zone, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Grant. Yetty is a PhD student researching how to bring faster data speeds to smart devices, Tom manages the training of engineers using underwater acoustic systems and Laura is a controls engineer for an Air Handling Unit manufacturer. Jack designs cryogenic tanks which store energy from cow poo, Gina – the winner in this zone – leads a manufacturing team that builds and tests video cameras and Chris is a PhD student using materials like graphene to treat degenerative diseases.

All of the engineers were great at engaging with the students and Live Chats were very friendly and personable. There was a lot of interest in becoming and working as an engineer, as well as other STEM careers with students often asking for advice on certain career paths.

Gina and Tom were especially good at building a rapport with students, by telling jokes and finding common interests to relate to each other with. In particular, Gina was great at being open with students on her profile and in the ASK section, for example in this conversation with students about her sexuality.

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