Ampere Zone Report – March 2017

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The Ampere Zone was a general engineering zone funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Zoe is a civil engineer ensuring the water from our taps is safe to drink and that wastewater from households is dealt with safely, Sheryl is working to help academics at her university use technology to develop their teaching and Shahil is a project engineer building wind farms in Africa. Emma, the winner of the Ampere Zone, is a research engineer who 3D prints spaceships, satellites and armoured fighting vehicles out of metal, Andy is a Railway Engineer designing systems to drive trains automatically and Andrés is a PhD student studying new smart and flexible wings for aeroplanes.

The discussions in Ampere were varied in the topics and nature; some were factual and some more philosophical. Students were particularly interested in finding out about the careers of the engineers and what they need to do to follow a similar path. It was also a ground for sharing personal experiences and interests.

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