How does I’m an Engineer affect students understanding of engineering?

We know that I’m an Engineer gets students interested in engineering  and inspired to become engineers themselves.  However, one of the key objectives of the project is to smash engineering stereotypes; that the students learn that engineering is not just about car mechanism, spanners and hard hats.

Measuring the students’ change in understanding of engineering has been difficult: closed questions tend not to work when assessing this, as they can be very leading. We decided to ask students to evaluate their own learning. Of course, this has its own limitations, but so far it is the best method we have found.
We asked students for their degree of agreement on whether since taking part in I’m an Engineer, they know more about different aspects of being an engineer.

Engineer perception change - student survey results

Responses from 131 students told us that taking part in I’m an Engineer helps them to improve their understanding of what engineering is and what engineers do.  Almost all the students who filled in the survey said they knew more about the type of tasks that engineers do, and the type of projects they work on. And only around 10% of students didn’t think they knew more about the skills required to be an engineer, the type of people who work as engineers, and engineers’ role in society.

Students show their interest about these points during the event, when they ask questions like “How is your project going to make an impact in society?” , “What skills are involved with your specific area of engineering?” or “Do you fell your career is repetitive at times, or are you given different tasks?”

Thank you so much for your advice it has really has helped me understand engineering more knowing the use that science and maths can give to engineering” – putptre06, student

a totally worthwhile experience with all 5 of my classes, they thoroughly enjoyed it but more importantly gained a realistic insight into the life of an engineer.” – Teacher

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