Engineer case study: Nicola Lazenby

The application for an Ingenious Award (funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering) asks for an example case study of an engineer’s public engagement journey after taking part in the project. Since I’m an Engineer started in 2012 we’ve had 40 engineers take part, many at different stages of their public engagement journey. Here’s Nicola Lazenby’s case study from our application: Nicola is a PhD student looking at how foundations can be used to produce renewable heat and energy from the ground. She won the Environment Zone in March 2013. Before taking part in I’m an Engineer she already had an interest in outreach, being involved with Engineers without Borders, a Student Ambassador at University and working with young people summer schools and taster days. She “wasn’t new to engagement, but not exactly an experienced professional”. Taking part in I’m an Engineer changed the way Nicola communicates. She now thinks a … Continue reading

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Ingenious evaluation surgery

On Monday, Rosie and I went to an evaluation surgery organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAENG) in Bristol. It was an afternoon workshop lead by Ben Gammon, which purpose was to help us evaluate projects awarded with Ingenious Grants, by completing an evaluation plan. Ben shared with us his 5 key points in evaluation: What do you need to find out? Is data going to be useful? Will it actually help you to change something? Consider the time and money that doing getting that data would take Choose an effective method to gather the data How are you going to disseminate the data? He also gave us very great advice on does and don’ts when designing a survey. As we are survey fanatics we took great attention to these. Here are some of them: Always avoid “and” in any survey questions, as you would be asking two different … Continue reading

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Environment Zone summary

Our self-funded March event went superbly. Nearly 400 students took part. Have a quick read through the daily updates below  for a flavour of the event and the Zone Report gives more depth. You can see the feedback that shows just how much the students and engineers get out of the event. As student ‘jessica123’ said about the 5 engineers “thank you sooo much for your time I have learnt a lot your are very nice people”   Daily updates Day 1 – Football, Grand Designs and the Olympics Day 2 – 3D printing, heat pumps and bridges Day 3 – Helicopters, straw huts and coal mines Day 4 – Sustainability in sport, Saudi Arabian cities and bamboo houses Day 5 – Global warming, Scottish independence and rocket science Day 6 – Carrot-powered cars, model rockets and transparent soil Day 7 – First eviction! Day 8 – Robots, red matter and petrol-powered … Continue reading

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Evaluating I’m a Engineer

In March 2012 we ran I’m an Engineer for the first time. We’ve had engineers take part in the sister I’m a Scientist event so running a version specifically for engineers was an obvious move. Before the event started we had some unknowns, despite considering ourselves well versed in running online engagement events. Would engineers want to take part? Would we be able to recruit Maths and D&T teachers? What questions would students ask? When it came to evaluation time these were some of the key questions to answer. We’ve collected feedback from teachers, students and engineers. We’ve used their responses and data from the site to evaluate the event, and have written up our findings in the report below. I’m an Engineer evaluation report Here’s a summary of what we found: Did engineers want to take part? Yes. By the end of the first three months we had over … Continue reading

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Putting the E Word into Engagement

A thought as I leave: there’s more difference between PR and PE than between science and engineering #eword — Steve Cross (@steve_x) October 25, 2012 The Royal Academy of Engineering hosted a day on October 25th about Engineering (the E word) Engagement. It was a very interesting day which left me with many challenges and thoughts. Just what you want from a seminar. The programme for the day consisted of two panel sessions in the morning, followed by an open session. After that we were treated to a series of 5 minutes briefings on past Ingenious projects and Mark Miodownik’s History of Engineering. I’m going to focus on the first three sessions: Is engineering engagement different from science engagement? Where are all the engineers? Open session: How do we tell what good engagement is? Is engineering engagement different from science engagement? There was a lot of crossover between the first … Continue reading

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How do we visualise Engineering?

Hi I’m Gareth. I’ve designed the ‘I’m a Scientist’ and the ‘I’m an Engineer’ (so far) websites. On ‘I’m an Engineer’ we’ve got the basic design and colour ways in place but what we’re missing is the icons and graphics that make the site seem much more relevant to engineering. I’m a designer not an engineer so I’m looking for some suggestions from the engineering community about what things sum up or represent engineering to you. With I’m a Scientist we choose a conical flask and Van der Graaf generator symbols amongst others. Each zone also has a logo and you can see the most recent ones on the I’m a Scientist home page. What are the equivalents for engineering? Please don’t send designs I’m just looking to pick your brains and gather your comments on what sums up engineering for you. If you can help please leave a comment … Continue reading

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I’m an Engineer – The Plan

We can only run these events through co-operation with the Teaching and Engineering communities. That’s why we want to share our plan of action in the run up to the first set of events in March 2012. The plan is not comprehensive so please ask any questions in the comments section and we’ll try to answer them in future news posts. The action plan breaks down into five main sections: Planning, Recruitment, Event, Evaluation, Sustainability. Planning – October/November 1. Zone Selection The first thing we need to do is define the event. We will be running six zones in March. All will be themed. That means the engineers in those zones will need to have some connection to the theme. For example in the Transport Zone we could have engineers building oil pipelines, marine engineers in shipbuilding, or software engineers working on flight systems. It’s fairly general. A nuclear power … Continue reading

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